Lighthouse Nutrition offers more than 5,000 nutritional supplement products to help customers experience their natural health care needs. A different outlook is taking place as people are beginning to approach natural health more often as the cost of insurance deductibles go up and the rise of prescription medicines keep escalating. Most importantly so many more people have a concern over the side effects their prescription medicines are causing. This is the main reason behind former body builder, and long time health store manager Michelle Homrich opened two convenient store locations in December of 2014 with a vision of improving peoples health and wellbeing naturally.

The knowledgeable staff has more than 60 years of combined nutritional health expertise. Are you ready to achieve your goals? Lighthouse Nutrition can help you determine the right products and strategies for those goals You will find low prices and a wide selection of quality brands unmatched. Visit Lighthouse Nutrition to experience a new life style of natural health.